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Title What’s your skin type? How to know my skin type self!
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  • Date 2022-08-19
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‘This product is recommended to Oily skin’, ‘The ingredients that dry skin has to avoid’. Oily, Dry, Normal, Combination,,, It's a common saying when you shop the skincare products.

Then How to know my skin type?🤔👀

1. Wash your face and Wait for 30 minutes⏳

At this stage, Don’t use any skincare products; toner, moisturizer, etc. Also, don’t touch your face too much!

2. Examing your skin

1) [a simple method] Dab your face with oily paper or tissue and see the oil markings.

✔ If oil is rubbed off on it, Your skin type is oily or combination skin.

✔ If oil doesn’t rub off on it and feels dry, tight, You have dry skin.

2) [Watching and Waiting] Notice how your skin feels! After washing your face and patting it dry.

[Oily Skin]

Oily Skin

If the skin feels oily all over the face and skin appears shiny, you likely have ‘oily skin’.

[Dry Skin]

Dry Skin

If the skin feels tight, scaly, and flaky all over the face, you likely have ‘dry skin’.

[Combination / Normal Skin]

If the skin feels oily in the forehead, nose, and chin(especially T-zone), and feels dry in the cheeks(U zone), you likely have ‘combination skin’.

If the skin feels comfortable, neither dry nor oily, you likely have ‘normal skin’.

📍 Not all skin types aren’t specified only by the above four categories. There are also various types such as oily/sensitive skin, dull/dry skin, oily/lack of moisture skin, oily/acne-prone skin.

How to care for the skin by ‘skin-type’☝️

All of the skin types required in common is ‘MOISTURIZING’

[Oily skin]

One of the known common mistakes of oily skin is not properly managing moisture. Oily skin doesn’t prefer the nourishing, thick moisturizer due to the oiliness. We usually recommended to use moisturizer that has less oil and more moisture.

✅ Recommended Products: Ultra Hyaluronic Toner and Ultra Hyaluronic Ampoule: Highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid that delivers an immediate and extreme moisturizing effect to your skin.

✅ Recommended Product: Vita C Bright Serum: The serum contains Vitamins for giving skin an antioxidant effect, and Niacinamide also regulates sebum production within your skin.

[Dry skin]

Dry skin needs "nourishing and moisturizing" product. However, if your skin dries up too quickly, you need 'moisturizing-layering'. Instead of applying a lot of heavy and stuffy cream at once, it’s good to apply moisturizing products adequately in layers to provide time for your skin to absorbs them sufficiently.

✅ Recommended Product: Black Snail Collagen Toner: Moisturizing essence toner against dryness. 

If your skin feels so dehydrated, soak 6-7 cotton pads and apply on your face. Leave it on for 5 minutes. You can use the toner as a sheet mask.

✅ Recommended Product: Black Snail Collagen Cream

The moisturizer containing the ingredients of Snail secretion filtrate with Collagen and Black beans helps protect the skin from dryness by maintaining moisture level and providing luminance to your skin.

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